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Custody Account

I. Introduction
This is a new financial service designed for members of a family to manage their financials, partners and friends to make investments between themselves, new business owners to monitor, remit and transfer the funds when starting business. You (authorizer) authorize your own accounts to someone (manager). Once the authorization is successful, the manager can manage your accounts via the channel specified by you.

II. Target Client
ICBC persona clients with the demand of consigning others to management their account, transaction operations and investment.

III. Features
1. Easy operation. The principal should bring valid ID card and relevant account to ICBC counter to complete the authorization. There is no need for the manager to go to the bank and the principal does not have to be a registered client of ICBC Internet Banking. Meanwhile, you can apply for the custody of account via Personal Internet Banking.
2. Powerful functions. The manager, after being authorized, is allowed to manage authorizer's A/C for transfer/remittance or buying of wealth management products such as fund, gold, T-bond. The purpose is to manage bank accounts intensively.
3. Extensive wealth management methods. The principal is freed from the trouble of going to bank branches or learning to use Internet Banking, but everything can be operated by the manager. The principal can still manage his account for some businesses.
4. Different customers have different requirements. A/C under custody can be managed under different channels and permissions.

IV. Application Condition
1. The Custody Account service can only be applied by the principal.
2. The principal must be a personal client of RMB or FX bank card accounts, settlement accounts, or saving accounts of ICBC Wealth Card, Elite Club Card, ICBC Money Link Card, Peony Credit Card, and Current Passbook.

V. Sign up
1. For the principle, no matter whether you have registered Internet Banking or not, you should all bring your valid ID card, the bank card/current account for authorization to an ICBC branch for the Custody Account application by leaving the manager's name, ID card type and number, and phone number. Meanwhile, you can apply for the custody of A/C via Personal Internet Banking.
2. Once the authorization is successful, the manager can manage the authorizer's A/C via the channel specified by the authorizer.

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
Personal Internet Banking and Mobile Banking (WAP) offer round-the-clock services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ⅶ. Considerations
1. Accounts entitled to authorization include: Peony Money Link Card,Elite Club Card, Credit Card, and Current Deposit account. All the accounts can be opened in the same or a different city.
2. Upon the number change of Peony Money Link Card, Elite Club Card and Credit Card, there is no need of re-authorization. The system will automatically process relevant operations.
3. If the manager cancels his Internet Banking service, the custody agreement will automatically become invalid. If the manager re-sign up for Internet Banking, the principal should re-authorize the manager to manage the previously authorized account.
4. The manager cannot process operations such as cancellation of the authorized account.
5. During application, the authorizer can choose the management permission and channel for the manager to manage the account. Management permissions can be: enquiry, enquiry and wealth management, full permissions. Management channels can be: Personal Internet Banking and Mobile Banking (WAP). 6. When applying via Personal Internet Banking, the authorizer must be an ICBC customer using e-password device or USB-Shield. The manager via Personal Internet Banking must be an ICBC customer using e-password device or USB-Shield. The manager via Mobile Banking (WAP) must be an ICBC customer using code card or e-password device.
7. The authorizer has the option to choose any one account among the Internet Banking registration accounts for the custody. No support on "full permissions" custody when placing registration cards added through Internet Banking under the custody of someone.
8. Currently, you can only apply via Personal Internet Banking.

Ⅷ. Definition
Authorizer: The owner of the custody accounts. The customer is the authorizer if he/she authorizes someone to manage his/her accounts. After authorizing the account to be managed by the manager, the authorizer can still use and manage the custody A/C as normal for enquiry, cash deposit/withdrawal, transfer or loss reporting. If the custody accounts have been reported lost by the authorizer, the manager does not have the right to use the custody A/C for transfer or investment.
Manager: A person who is authorized to manage accounts of others. Manager is allowed to operate the authorized accounts under own Internet Banking.

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