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Personal Internet Banking

Adhering to elegant, steady and customer-centric design, ICBC’s personal Internet banking provides customers with features such as account query, transfer and remittance, deposit and loan, investment and wealth management. It serves as an open and secure comprehensive financial service platform provided by ICBC to domestic personal customers based on the Internet.

It provides e-banking services for registered customers of ICBC’s personal e-banking.

Features and Advantages

I. Simple Application Procedures
You can register personal e-banking at an outlet of ICBC or via ICBC’s website (http://www.icbc.com.cn) or personal Internet banking homepage (https://mybank.icbc.com.cn).
II. Channel Sharing
After registering the ICBC e-banking, you can use our e-banking services by accessing personal Internet banking on a browser or downloading and installing the personal mobile banking App of ICBC.
III. Rich Functions
ICBC’s personal Internet banking provides you with financial services such as account query, domestic and overseas transfer and remittance, deposits, funds, wealth management, bonds, insurance, foreign exchange, loans, bills payment, bank card application, and credit card repayment. It also provides you with outlet service booking, financial calendar, ICBC messenger and other value-added services.
IV. Openness and Sharing
1. The service is open, and you can access ICBC’s financial product information without logging on.
2. The service is available to all customers, allowing customers holding cards of other banks to register and use ICBC’s personal Internet banking.
V. Security and Reliability
ICBC’s personal Internet banking has strict security controls over key links such as logon and external fund transfer. It uses multiple authentication methods, including password, USB-shield, and SMS authentication, to ensure the security of customers’ funds and information. If necessary, it will take enhanced measures such as phone verification to further ensure your fund security.

Application Process

1. Application over the counter
(1) Application materials required by ICBC: If you have already opened an account with ICBC, you need to provide your valid ID and bank card or passbook to be registered.
(2) If you have not opened an account with ICBC, you need to provide your valid ID.
(3) If you have reached the age of 16 but are under the age of 18, and your labor income is your main source of income, apart from the above information, you also need to provide your labor contract, payroll, or other valid certification materials that can prove that your labor income is your main source of income.
(4) If you are under the age of 16, or if you are over the age of 16 but under the age of 18 and do not rely on your own labor income as your main source of income, your guardian shall register e-banking on your behalf at the counter. In addition to your personal information, the valid ID of the guardian, as well as household register or other valid proof materials that can prove the guardianship relationship shall also be provided.
2. Self-registration
(1) The self-registration function is available to the customers over the age of 18.
(2) You can use the registration function for self-registration on ICBC’s website (http://www.icbc.com.cn) using a browser or through personal Internet banking (https://mybank.icbc.com.cn).
(3) Customers registering by themselves can only use a part of the functions of personal Internet banking.
(4) Self-registered customers can log on personal mobile banking to upgrade them to counter-registered customers through remote video services.


1. Please carefully verify that the browser address bar should start with https, with the domain name of mybank.icbc.com.cn, and a security padlock displayed in the lower right corner or directly above the browser. Besides, after logging on, please further verify the reserved verification information set during your first logon in “My Internet Banking” to ensure that you are using the personal online banking website of ICBC.
2. For the security of your account information and funds, please properly keep your registered card number (account number, logon ID, or registered mobile phone number), password, ID, USB-shield, and terminal devices such as mobile phones or computers used for e-banking business.