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ICBC e-Password Device

ICBC e-password device is a new ICBC electronic banking hardware security product that comes with a power supply and a chip for password generation inside, an external display and a digital keypad. ICBC e-password device can be used in different electronic banking channels without the need to install any driver.

II.Target Clients
ICBC e-password device is designed for ICBC customers who bank online, either in Personal Internet Banking, Mobile Banking or Telephone Banking, especially those who use iPhone or iPad to make large payments.

1. Easy to use. ICBC e-password device does not need to be connected to any computer. No need to install any driver, simple steps, easy to be carried around.
2. Safe and reliable. Use of ICBC e-password device for your online banking activities can protect you from scammers stealing your password by means of faked websites, trojan virus or hacker attack, one password each time for your banking transactions.
3. Wide usage. You can use ICBC e-password device in Personal Internet Banking, Mobile Banking or Telephone Banking.

IV.Operation Guidelines
Once you have applied for an ICBC e-password device, use it to retrieve dynamic password and enter the password for your outward payments (transfer, B2C shopping, bill payment) via Personal Internet Banking, Mobile Banking or Telephone Banking.

When you register at different channels, you must use the same ICBC e-password device, ie one ICBC e-password device for one customer.

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