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USB-Shield (Personal Account)

I. Introduction
USB-Shield is a client certificate introduced by ICBC with a national patent, as well as a high-level security tool provided by the Bank for e-banking services.
USB-Shield is embedded with a micro smart card processor, which encrypts, decrypts and signs digital signatures on e-banking transaction data through a digital certificate to ensure the confidentiality and tamper-resistance of the transaction data and the uniqueness of identity authentication.
USB-Shield is connected to computers through the USB interface, and the general USB-Shield can be connected to mobile phones and other mobile devices through the audio interface.

II. Target Client
USB-Shield is recommended to e-banking customers with high security requirements. The general USB-Shield is recommended in case you have to use it on the mobile phone or other mobile devices.

III. Features
1. Higher security. USB-Shield can effectively protect you against fake websites, Trojan viruses, phishing, and other risks, and ensure the security of e-banking transactions.
2. More convenience for payment. USB-Shield can help you effortlessly realize large-sum transfers, remittances, payments and shopping via our e-banking services.
3. More functions. With USB-Shield, you can enjoy our characteristic wealth management services by entering into personal wealth management agreements with our e-banking operations.
4. More diversified services. With USB-Shield, you can bind it with your Alipay account to conduct identity authentication, so as to ensure the safety of capital in your Alipay account.

IV. Application Condition
You have to be a personal internet banking or mobile-banking customer of ICBC, and have a valid ID certificate and registration card.

V. Sign up
As long as you are a personal internet banking or mobile-banking customer of ICBC, you may bring your valid ID certificate and registration card, and apply for a USB-Shield at any outlet of ICBC.

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
Our personal internet banking and mobile banking services are available for 24 hours 7 days a week.

Ⅶ. Risks
1. To use our e-banking services more safely, please make sure to well protect your USB-Shield and its password, and ensure your computer and mobile phones are safe and reliable when conducting e-banking transactions; update anti-virus software regularly, and download patches timely. Do not open unidentified programs, links, emails, or web pages; do not download or install software randomly. Maintain good web surfing habits, and remove the USB-Shield from your devices immediately after use.
2. If you are using a Generation II USB-Shield, please carefully check the transaction information shown in the display screen, confirm its accuracy and then press the "Confirm" button.

Ⅷ. Considerations
1. The service term of the USB-Shield certificate is five years. One month prior to the expiration of such term, ICBC's e-banking system will prompt you to renew the certificate so as to extend its service term. You may renew the certificate through the "USB-Shield Management - Update USB-Shield certificate" function via the personal internet banking.
2. If your USB-Shield is missing, please immediately go to an ICBC outlet to apply for a freeze on the USB-Shield to ensure the safety of your capital. If the loss of your USB-Shield is confirmed, you may apply to replace the certificate. Once your application is approved, you may re-download the certificate in the same way as the original USB-Shield is used, or ask the teller to help you complete the process.
3. After obtaining your USB-Shield, you may use the attached certificate tool software to change the certificate password, or log in the personal internet banking to change the password in "USB-Shield Management - USB-Shield Password Update".
4. If you forget your USB-Shield password, you may bring your USB-Shield, registration card and your valid ID certificate to reset the password at an ICBC outlet. If you enter wrong USB-Shield passwords for six consecutive times when using our e-banking services, the system will lock your certificate. Then you need to bring your USB-Shield, registration card and your valid ID certificate to reset the password at an ICBC outlet.
5. Certificate downloads may be disrupted due to certain external reasons such as a sudden power failure. In such cases, you may re-log in the customer service page and use the function to download the certificate again. If the system prompts an error, please send a text message to 95588, dial 95588, or go to an outlet to consult our staff.
6. On the VISTA operating system, you may use USB-Shield for signature verification on a transaction; but neither certificate renewal nor certificate download is supported for now.