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Subscription and Registration of Traders in PSW

As a signatory to the WTO’s Trade Facilitation Agreement (2015), Pakistan has notified the establishment of a ‘National Single Window’ (NSW) as a ‘Category C’ commitment with effect from 22nd February 2017. The NSW is an electronic portal that allows parties involved in international trade and transport to lodge standardized information and documents using a single-entry point to fulfil all import, export, and transit-related regulatory requirements. If information is electronic, then individual data elements need only be submitted once. To implement NSW the Government of Pakistan has promulgated the Pakistan Single Window Act, 2021 while declaring Pakistan Customs as the Lead Agency. The PSW Company established by Pakistan Customs, as a not-for-profit Company under Companies Act, 2017, has been designated as the Operating Entity under the said Act to develop and maintain the PSW portal in collaboration with 74 different public sector entities involved in regulation of cross border trade in Pakistan. PSW will digitize the processes related to regulations of international trade in the public sector which will benefit economic operators like importers, exporters, freight forwarders, clearing agents, shipping companies, transporters etc. by reducing complication, costs, and time in achieving compliance with such regulations. The implementation of PSW will also enhance government controls and transparency. By creating a national electronic trade and logistics platform the PSW will help Pakistan integrate better into the regional and global single window systems. It will facilitate integration into global value chains and enable Pakistan to become a hub for regional and international trade as well as transit.

You are encouraged to access the resources/website in order to subscribe on PSW. Kindly note that after the implementation of PSW, the traders may not be able to undertake trade transactions through WeBOC IDs. One pager brochure and a detailed user guide for subscription and registration of traders with PSW and other informative resources relating to the PSW system are available on PSW website at the following link:

Should any further assistance required, kindly contact branches for detailed information.

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User Guide Subscription and Registration with Customs