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Deposit/Foreign Currency Deposit

You need to open certain currency account to deposit/receive your PKR, USD,RMB in our branch for different kinds of deposit products. RMB in cash is not support at the moment.

Anyone aged 18 years or holding a valid ID card and proof of a legitimate source of income and long-term residence certificates, and other individuals to meet certain conditions, can open an account at our bank and run other businesses.

Currently we only offer counter service, Our banking hours is that Monday to Thursday 9:00-15:00, Friday 9:00-12:30, closed on Saturday and Sunday(Holiday hours please consult to the counter).

To ensure your legal rights, we remind you that for any business have to pay attention to protect all your business documents, to prevent your personal information exposed.
First, you should submit the documents that are required to open an account and fill the application and KYC forms under the officer’s guide. Then open the curtain account that is required by the business, after opening the account you can run your business.

Banking can never be easier! We are proud to introduce the new product– Asaan Account to you. Get your CNIC and fill out a brief form, pay initial deposit as low as Rs. 100 and you areready to avail the benefits of Asaan Account with any branch ICBC in Pakistan.

-- Flexibility of Opening Current or Savings Account
-- No minimum balance required
-- Debit Card, Passbook or Cheque Book
-- 24/7 Internet Banking
-- Transaction Limits/Turnover:
Total Debit RS. 500,000 per month;
Credit Balance Limit: Rs. 500,000
-- No Service Charges for account opening or closing

I.AOF Asaan Account – English & Urdu Version
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