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Trade Finance

Import Letter of Credit
Import Letter of Credit gives assurance when dealing with unfamiliar suppliers. As an Import Letter of Credit helps control the payment terms and conditions and establish creditworthiness with the supplier, businesses can be confident that payment will not be made until the documents are received and verified to be in order. Our service includes the opening and modification of L/C, excamination under L/C, import payment, acceptance,dishonor and inquire.Transferable LC allows the beneficiary to transfer the LC in whole or in part to second beneficiary. Back-to-Back LC provides a unique solution to businesses that require end-to-end financing.

Export Letter of Credit Confirmation/Discounting
Export Letter of Credit Confirmation: ICBC is able to confirm export LCs, giving our guarantee of payment for document presented in compliance with the credit.Export Letter of Credit Discounting: With Export Letter of Credit Discounting, documents, if found to contain no discrepancies after checking, can be negotiated and the discounted value of the invoice can be advanced.

Forfaiting service is provided by our branch after the credits of deferred payment from issuing bank is received if company needs financing.

Export Letter of Credit Negotiation/ Advising
With ICBC's strict service standards, the documents are negotiated and dispatched quickly, with the assurance that the documents will not be rejected.ICBC, through a wide international network, is able to provide prompt advising of export LC.Export Letter of Credit Negotiation service is provided by our branch before the payment by issuing bank is received if company needs financing and offers the full set of documents(including sight documents and outstanding forward documents) under L/C as pledge.

Export Letter of Credit Advising service is provided by our branch after the credits of deferred pamentpayment from issuing bank is received if company needs financing and offers the full set of documents under L/C as pledge.

Invoice Financing
Invoice Financing of non-LC, invoice-based trade transactions is facilitated by discounting on export receivables against the presentation of invoice and transport documents, evidencing sales of goods on open account basis.

Import Bills for Collection

Import T/T Financing
The import T/T financing is offered when company chooses COD to make payment to supplier and encounters capital turnover.

Import Factoring
Factoring is designed for those companies who choose sell on credit or documentary against acceptance to make import trade and need to increase trust.Our branch could offer credit guaranty and other financial management service.

Import Factoring Financing
We are able to provide financing against Import Factoring and pre-pay for import for those companies who have already applied the import factoring service at our branch.

Packing Loan
Pre-shipment financing against irrevocable LCs are available.Company could apply packing loan financing under L/C at our branch if encounters ed financing gap due to the problems of stock, manufacture and shipping after the L/C is received. Moreover, Ccompany could refund the loan after goods are shipped.

Shipping and Airway Guarantee
For those company who already applied our L/C service, ICBC is able to facilitate prompt clearance of goods until bills of lading are received, by issuing a shipping/ airway guarantee in the carrier's favour, in order to avoid demurrage charge or fluctuations in prices.

Import Bills for Collection Bill of Lading Endorsement
ICBC is able to provide prompt advice upon receipt of documents and efficient payment according to the instructions, when businesses inform their supplier to send their shipping documents to ICBC. The endorsement authority of the original transport document is needed to take possession of the goods after the L/C is issued to order of our branch. Company could apply this service in our branch, we will endorse on your original transport document and authorize you to take possession of the goods.