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According to the different nature of the business enterprise and operational strength of the customer, the Bank provides the full range of financing options which can be syndicated or bilateral that is tailored to meet the customer's special projects and daily operational needs:

Project Loan
Project loans refer to loans that we grant to borrowers for their investment projects in building up, expanding, renovating, developing, and purchasing of fixed assets. The project loans have flexible loan terms. We generally grant middle and long term project loans, and also short term ones for temporary turnaround requirements. The project loans come with multiple combinations. Based on customers' requirements, we may issue bank acceptances under the projects and non-financing guarantees, and conduct both domestic and overseas trade financing services, etc.

Export Buyer's Credit
Export Buyer's Credit is a kind of characteristic business offered to Pakistani buyers, buyer's banks or government agencies with medium and long-term foreign currency loans including refinancing by ICBC under the insurance of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation to purchase goods or services exported by China. ICBC Pakistan branches could provide this financing service for medium or large manufacturing enterprises in China in favor of their global business.

An overdraft provides customers with a direct access to funds to meet their short-term financing needs. Where there are insufficient funds to cover, customers may tap on the overdraft facility, which has a limit that is placed on their account.

Working Capital Loan
Working capital loans are loans granted to customers to meet their daily funding needs and to ensure their normal production and business activities.